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Overall, intelligent, energy-saving is the development trend of modern household lighting


Overall, intelligent, energy-saving is the development trend of modern household lighting

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Overall, intelligent, energy-saving is the development trend of modern household lighting

(Summary description)The current era of home lighting is no longer an era with a few lights and enough brightness. Of course, it is not an era that only requires the appearance of lamps to be beautiful and practical...

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  • Time of issue:2012-10-31 19:03
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  The current era of home lighting is no longer an era with a few lights and enough brightness. Of course, it is not an era that only requires the appearance of lamps to be beautiful and practical, but the lighting is carried out in residential spaces. The overall design combines different elements in the living room environment to form different feelings, and the control of light must be intelligent through the remote control, in addition to energy saving. On this basis, lighting will bring us a brand new home enjoyment.
  With the increase of home lighting function, the overall solution of home lighting is gradually becoming popular. According to the relevant person of Vanke Real Estate, the decoration of the commercial house is very particular about the design of the lighting. The developer should ask a special designer to design it. Because now consumers' requirements for indoor lighting are also changing. It is not necessary to be bright, but to have a mood and a feeling.
  According to another introduction, the overall design method of indoor lighting is also constantly changing. At first, it was a one-stop purchase of various lights, and there were not many design elements. Although this method has brought a lot of convenience to consumers, with the development of consumer demand, consumers have higher requirements, so the overall design and customization of home lighting began to appear.
  According to reports, the overall concept of home lighting actually refers to the expansion of the product line, including the main products of home lighting, and according to the different scenes of family life, through the configuration of lamps and lanterns to create a corresponding lighting environment.
  Architect and interior designer Lin Wei told this reporter that if the design lacks light, the space will be ordinary. Lighting designer Zhou Hongliang said: "Light enables us to perceive this lovely world. Changes in light can allow us to perceive the changes in our surroundings. Today, lamps not only play a role in the interior of the living room, but also constitute an important part of the atmosphere of the living room. Make the indoor space more suitable for people's psychological and physiological needs and aesthetic taste. Taking the living room as an example, as a family concentrated activity place, it is generally equipped with chandeliers, spotlights, wall lamps, downlights, etc., which can be produced with different lights. Different lighting effects."
In addition, many professional home lighting museums have appeared on the market. In these lighting halls, not only the various home lighting effects designed by designers are displayed, but also the overall home lighting systems with different requirements are designed for consumers. Brands like Philips and Op have established their own lighting pavilions.
  In Beijing Huangwei Life Lighting Museum, the reporter saw the brightness, color temperature and floor, wallpaper, furniture, and decoration style of the entire indoor light combined organically. According to the sales staff, consumers are increasingly demanding indoor lighting, and the overall design and installation of lighting is on the rise. This method is not only worry-free, there is no need to buy all kinds of lamps everywhere, the key is good lighting effect, different lights can make people feel different about home.
  A consumer who is signing a purchase contract in the museum said: "I was just here to take a look. This one attracted me. Compared to buying and installing various lamps by myself, their design makes people feel completely different. We can only make the room brighter and make the lamps look better, but we have not combined the lighting and lamps with the style of the home, and many details of the lighting cannot be reflected."
        The control needs to be smart home lighting to achieve the overall design, to achieve intelligent use. Users of intelligent lighting equipment do not need to touch the switch, just press the remote control lightly, and the lighting in the home can be automatically switched on and off. Experts expect that in the near future, intelligent lighting products will replace ordinary lighting products and become the mainstream products in the lighting industry.
  According to reports, the so-called intelligent lighting control product is to configure the lamp output with an optimal lighting power under the condition of ensuring the normal operation of the lamp. In this way, the glare caused by the overvoltage can be reduced, the light emitted by the light can be made softer, the illumination distribution can be more even, and the electric energy can be greatly saved. According to reports, the power saving rate of the intelligent lighting control system can reach 20%-40%. Its intelligent characteristics are mainly manifested in the following aspects: the function of adjusting and controlling the combined lighting according to the scene; the realization of personalized settings: you can set "watch TV", "reception", "dinner", " "Leave home" and other lighting scenes. When the light is turned on, the light is slowly turned on, and when the light is turned off, the light is slowly turned off, eliminating the irritation of the light to the eyes, which not only protects the eyes, but also reduces the impact of the current on the lamp and extends the use of the lamp Lifespan, protect the bulb. Switch mode can choose computer, remote control, touch key switch, infrared automatic sensor switch, etc. to control the lighting scene one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one flexible control; with stepless brightness adjustment and automatic system lighting Delay function, memory function of power failure state and lock function of switch state make the system more safe and reliable.




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