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Based on new energy-saving technology, it adopts imported international brand high light efficiency and high life lamp bead, the whole lighting effect reaches 100LM/W, the life reaches 30000 hours, and the switch impact resistance is 30000 times; The use of three primary color phosphor, color rendering index up to 80, exclusive patent technology, can effectively filter blue light, reject stroboscopic, protect vision; Perfect cooling solution, the highest temperature of the whole lamp is not more than 50 degrees Celsius, to ensure the long life of the power supply.


They are the perfect replacement for compact fluorescent lamps.


Specific parameter specifications: power 6W/8W/10W indication Ra>80 luminous efficiency >100LM/W color temperature: 3000K/4000K/6000K


6W can replace 13W, 8W can replace 18W, 10W can replace 23W. (refer to actual value for specific substitutions)


Apply to the environment


Engineering: used in the embedded road lighting, garden lights, landscape lights, etc.


Channels: All CFLS used to replace horizontal and vertical plugs are widely used in shopping malls, office buildings, government buildings, and also for domestic lighting (but at a slightly higher price).





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